At Zeidler’s Wholesale, we have a dedicated team of employees who work hard to deliver top quality flowers and plants throughout the Tri-State.  Our wholesale Division began in the 1950's under the leadership of Al Dauble.

What’s in a name? When that name is Zeidler’s...a great deal. Over one hundred years of history and experience, two retail locations, a wholesale division, over 100,000 square feet of greenhouse space and 13+ acres on Fulton Avenue where corporate offices are housed. From our humble beginning in 1900, Zeidler’s has grown into one of the largest floral companies in the country.

Throughout our operation, Zeidler’s has always and continues to invest in the most advanced technology available to our industry. These technological capabilities create the necessary efficiency that allows Zeidler’s to provide our customers the level of service they expect and deserve. From the ordering process to design and delivery, we are always striving to improve our methods to meet customers’ needs.



Ken Becker - Vice President Of Zeidler's Wholesale Division. Becker joined  Zeidler’s in March of 1995. Throughout his 24 years of experience with the company, he has played a critical role in developing the wholesale operations and activity.  If you have called Zeidler's Wholesale in recent years, you have likely talked to Ken and come to appreciate his expertise and great customer service!

Lynne Garrett - Lynne joined Zeidler's Flowers on the retail side, but  has moved over to the wholesale division, where she is now the Assistant Manager. She helps with sales, packing and driving. Lynne has been with the company 2 1/2 years.

Cheyanna Becker -  Cheyanna joined the team in November 2017 and helps out with most everything including sales, plants and packing.
Don Powers - Don has been with us for three years, and you may see him driving and delivering flowers to your shop.
Jim Shaffer  - Jim is one of our drivers, and has been making deliveries throughout the tri-state for the past two years.

John Haag - John started working for Zeidler's Wholesale in November 2017.  He is a packer and delivery driver.
Mark Schmidt - Mark is a driver for Zeidler's Wholesale and makes the night run with fresh flowers.  Mark joined the company in 2018.